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Smart Energy Show
2023 in Marlow

18 November 2023

SES Marlow 2023

Marlow Energy Group’s (MEG) first major public educational event about greener home energy, was held during the day of the 18th of November 2023 in the Shelley Theatre of Court Garden and proved to be a great success. This was only made possible by generous grants from Marlow Town Council and Buckinghamshire Council (South West Chilterns Community Board).

14 exhibitors drew in over 240 visitors from Marlow and beyond. It prompted hundreds of conversations between experts and residents. In addition, five interesting talks were given by exhibitors in Court Garden’s Eliot room.

MEG is confident that the show will have inspired and accelerated many individual actions to improve energy efficiency, switch to electric heating and to install domestic renewables. Decarbonising household energy is one of the toughest challenges of Britain’s transition to Net Zero.  MEG is proud that the Smart Energy Show has helped accelerate this journey and hopes to repeat the event in the Spring of 2025.